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Spa Village Tembok BaliThe Spa Discovery at Spa Village Tembok Bali is a cluster of traditional home on the pristine northern part of Bali Island which exemplifies the ancient Balinese way of life. It is absolutely dedicated to healing, rejuvenation, wellness and spirituality with selected spa treatment and program. You can find out the spa treatment at Spa Village Tembok Bali in this page.


Penganten Melukat – 100 minutes
Traditionally in the village three days before a wedding day, the bride and groom would be kept in their families’ home and could not leave the premises. The mother would get them ready for their wedding by doing the Traditional Melukat (Body Cleansing).

The treatment begins with Mewangsul (Traditional Balinese Massage) followed by Meodak (Boreh Body Scrub) then Empehan (Fresh Milk) would be applied to the skin, leaving it feeling soft and moisturized. The treatment ends with Mesiram Sekar (Floral Bath). This treatment is designed to purify and cleanse the body, mind and spirit.

Campur – Campur  100 minutes
Tembok Bali Spa VillageThe name Campur-Campur means a blending of varieties in Malay. It is combining the best technique of Malay and Thai massage. It uses touch, tone, and aromatherapy to give you a memorable experience. During the treatment, the scent of lemon grass and pandan leaves fills the air as steamed herbs are pressed along the body using a traditional steam pouch.

Choice of Deluxe 50 minutes or Supreme 80 minutes

The massage combines historical reference from many cultures, especially Indian, Chinese, and European influences which form the foundation of Balinese traditions. The ritual offers techniques which vary in tempo of acupressure, rolling motions, long strokes and percussion.  It provides an invigorating and energizing experience for the body.

the art of traditional Malay massage is passed on from generation to generation. The technique consists of long kneading strokes that focus on the muscles and pressure applied to various points of body. This treatment use oil made with special local ingredients such as turmeric, cinnamon, garlic, onion and citronella that invigorate circulation.

Foot Massage
The theory of reflexology lies in the understanding that the feet have reflex points that correspond to the internal organs and limbs to balance all the functions of the body.


  • Skin care – Natural Facial (50 minutes)
  • Nail Care (50 minutes)
  • Hair Care (25 minutes)
  • Wrap (50 minutes)
  • Lapis – Lapis (Malay Herbal Wrap)
  • Cucumber Aloe Wrap
  • Papaya Enzyme Wrap

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