Puri Saren Ubud Palace

Puri Saren is the name of Ubud Palace, the Kings of Ubud’s Compound strategically located in the center of Ubud Village. This place is previously used as governance center in the empire era. Ubud Palace is one of places to visit in Bali which is a lot of visited by foreign and domestic tourist everyday because this place is featured by the unique buildings and fully ornamented by Balinese traditional interiors. Each building is designed by Balinese traditional architectures from the entrance gate to the single corner. The lush tropical garden with beautiful flower follows the empire nuance and creates the peaceful atmosphere.

Ubud Palace

Ubud Traditional Art Market

The location of Puri Saren or Ubud Palace gives the inspirations for local communities to create the art value to be presented to the visitors like handicraft, wood carving, paintings, bags and a lot of thing that the guest can bring home for souvenirs. Ubud Traditional Market is one of places for the local communities to present their art. It is strategically located in front of Puri Saren or Ubud Palace and opened for the day time only.

Ubud market

Ubud Art Market

Ubud Market

Balinese Dance at Ubud Palace

Ubud Palace is a center of activities of art in Ubud Bali and it is also used as a place to demonstrate the Balinese Dance which is most popular as Legong Dance. The dance is only performed in the evening time from 07.30 pm until 08.30 pm with additional cost for the entrance ticket. The dances are performed on the open stage with the beautiful Balinese entrance gate as a backdrop. The Balinese dances are accompanied by the traditional gamelan with beautiful movement from the dancers and amazing sound of Balinese orchestra. If you wish to watch the dance, you can join Ubud Tour with Dance Packages that will bring you the exciting tour experience and enjoy the beautiful Balinese dance.

Ubud Dance

Legong Dance

Balinese Orchestra

Ubud Tours

Ubud Tour is only one way to visit Puri Saren or Ubud Palace and it is combined to visit other tourist destinations around Ubud Village like Tagalalang Rice Terrace, Monkey Forest, Painting Museum, Batuan Temple.


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