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Bali is a beautiful small island with friendly people and has a very unique culture. This has attracted many tourists to come to this island for a vacation to spend time on the white sandy beach, watching the beautiful Balinese dances, enjoying the challenging adventure activities, spa treatments, etc. Bali is also a very beautiful place for wedding ceremony where we can perform religious wedding ceremony here. Christian Wedding Ceremony is one of the legal marriage procession in Bali, where the ceremony based on Christian religion.

Bali Christian Wedding Ceremony

Christian Wedding

Wedding Procession

Bali Christian Wedding Party

Bali Christian Wedding Party

Wedding Ceremony Procession based on Christian Religion is usually led by a priest known as Pastor/Father. All of these ceremonies will be held according to Christian religious procedure which is followed by a procession of the civil wedding ceremony. Marriage according to Christian religion is a simple wedding procession and not complicated requirements which do not need much paperwork.

Who should be contact for wedding arrangement in Bali?

We recommend you to contact Bali Star Island/PT. Bewish International Tour who has established as a wedding organizer and they will design your wedding with their professional staff. You can contact them at

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