About Gili Island – Lombok Indonesia

gili island, lombok, indonesiaLombok Island is a small beautiful island next to Bali Island featured by beautiful natures, local cultures and friendly people. This island is fast growth for the last decade in tourism industry especially hotels or accommodations have been available to accommodate all tourist to visit this island. There are three famous islands those are called by Gili Islands located off the northwest coast of Lombok, around 60 miles (100km) from Serangan harbor in Bali and 20 miles from the Eastern Tip of Bali. Time on the water is about two hours in normal conditions. They were first discovered by back-packers back in ther 1980’s, when they became a popular well-kept secret among a more adventurous crowd seeking to escape to an island paradise. The water are crystal clear and teeming with marine life, the beaches pure white sand; you can snorkel straight off the beach and enjoy a timeless paradise lifestyle.

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