Indonesia Full Legal Wedding

Many people insist to get wedding in Indonesia. There are terms and conditions that the people must understand and recognize before getting married in this country. Bali Star Island as an establish wedding organizer bases in Bali Island provides complete information about terms and condition for legal wedding in Indonesia which is stated also on this page:

Documents Requirements
It is very important to be highlighted before getting married in Bali or other regions in Indonesia that we require the important documents to support your wedding ceremony.

  1. Copy of valid passport for both couple wedding (each passport being valid for a minimum 6 months as from the date of entry into Indonesia)
  2. Copy of valid passport for two witnesses
  3. Copy of Birth Certificate (the copy must be legalized by a solicitor or by the individual’s Embassy/ Consulate General in Bali or other regions in Indonesia)
  4. Letter from both sets of parents/guardians, stating that there are no objections to the marriage
  5. Legalized written statements confirming the status of each individual (single/ widow/ widower/ divorcee etc.)
  6. For widow/widower must present a copy of dead certificate of the former spouse
  7. Copy of Divorce Certificate if you have divorced from former marriage
  8. The original Certificate of No Impediment. A ‘Certificate of Non-Impediment’ is issued by the local authorities where the individual lives in his/ her home country (before leaving for Indonesia), or by his/ her respective Embassy or Consulate General in Bali or Jakarta, Indonesia (after arriving in Indonesia)
  9. To fill the booking form, wedding arrangement form and civil form
  10. 10 pieces of couple photograph size 4 x 6 cm (the groom position on the right side of bride)

Bali Full Legal Wedding | Procession – Ceremony